Siroko is an important brand that deals with the production and sale of sunglasses. Siroko and those in charge have decided to invest in your happiness. Just like you, we love spending time with our loved ones, trying to achieve our goals and transforming our dreams into reality, but we are also dedicated to a fascinating journey, where we imagine timeless accessories and clothes, with the sole purpose of make you feel better in your own skin. We take care of every detail and make sure that all our products meet the quality standards required.

The Siroko internet page offers you the opportunity to compare different products from different areas. Through reviews and reviews from other buyers, we can provide you with a lot of useful information that will help you find the best-selling product the most accessible to your requests. Another peculiarity that distinguishes Siroko is the use of acetate.
Any other brand that uses acetate in the production process of its sunglasses maintains a pricing policy that places each model at a selling price of more than € 150. Until now no other brand besides Siroko, had been able to bring sunglasses made of pure acetate to the market at a price below € 40. Acetate is the perfect raw material to produce the best quality sunglasses.

Only by being much more efficient than the rest, we can manage prices never seen before in pure acetate finishes. At Siroko, we believe that fantastic design and exceptional materials are of little use if only a few can afford it. That’s why we always work to adapt our prices to the maximum. This is our spirit, our main goal and what we always try to achieve.
Now it’s up to you! Here you will find a list of Sunglasses sellers in the product group, as well as useful and qualitative information about each product.

                                                                    NEW COLLECTION

As for the new collection, the new Siroko Beat Generation sunglasses are made of pure acetate, as well as the latest CR39 technology for their lenses. Until now, it was almost impossible to find sunglasses of superior quality like those of the Beat Generation at such a good price. Why did Siroko publish its new sunglasses at such a low price?
We explain everything by telling you that first of all, Siroko does not use external distributors. By giving up the intermediaries and selling directly online to the end customer, we are able to significantly adjust our price. Furthermore, Siroko invests primarily in quality.


This is how we can continue to maintain a very low price policy while significantly increasing the quality of our Also, do not forget the close and accurate monitoring carried out by Siroko on every process throughout the life of the product, which is absolutely fundamental: from the initial design and its production to the final sale. Having tried these articles was probably something exceptional. Perfect glasses, for any kind of landscape, sport, holiday or other. Siroko glasses are a real guarantee. Try them, because you will not regret!


Skye London is a watch brand launched recently in London by friends living there. London is such an amazing place and it really inspired Skye’s London crew to create something, in the mid-2016 it started talking about their desire to create a watch brand themselves, and they used the charm of the city to push their brand to something that people really love. The inspiration for the name comes from the beautiful Isle of Skye, a remote island off the west coast of Scotland, where Ben, one of the founders, spent his childhood. They wanted to create a range of simple and clean watches and the simplicity and beauty of Skye fit this perfectly. London is the place where they show the clocks and its modern urban style with which watches get along very well.

Their watches are inexpensive but prevails the high quality that is obviously important; they did a lot of work and spent a lot of time to make sure they were. After a long search for a suitable manufacturer, they found a good partner to work with many years of experience, but they are still small enough to ensure that they take care of their watches.

Let’s look to some special characteristics of the watches;

The movement is Japanese Mioyta, highly reliable and precise. A resistant and scratch-resistant type of glass, the sapphire, leather straps made with Italian calfskin, with regard to softness and durability. Of course packaging is also important and they have designed a very attractive exhibitor made there in London.

Each watch has the option of being paired with a black or gray strap, and you can even have a non-sewn strap for a more contemporary style. So far they have had such a great response from those who bought them, really excited about what the brand can be and develop.

An accessory that has its own personality independent of us, an object of conversation. Wearing a nice watch is like having a work of art on your wrist. It allows us to show a little bit of ourselves, a bit of our peculiarities: of our taste and our personality. And even if we do it unconsciously, we choose it by thinking of this: what we want to show or demonstrate. Therefore the offer is so varied, both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view.



Learning to match your outfit with your phone case is very easy and also unique, just following Exclusive-ID.
Exclusive-ID has got phone cases for everyone and every style, thanks also to the mix of fashion and lifestyle with comfortableness. There are many Stars which have an Exclusive-ID case because of the high quality and the perfect service.

With an Exclusive-ID case you will be ready for every event in your calendar.
Social Media Stars like Novalanalove are absolutely in love with the personalized Exclusive-ID cases. With the LED case, you can take a lot of beautiful pictures in the dark because of the  ultra-bright light of the case. Football stars like Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can hold their phone much easier to take some pictures with the football star Ronaldinho because of the light color case. The carbon case from Exclusive-ID is an absolute trend by all footballers. The 100% carbon case is light and stylish and it match’s perfect with all the tricots or outfits you have!

There is a macroscopic amount of choice of the cover on this site. Extremely simple, transparent product example that protects every part of the smartphone except the screen; it is an excellent cover with regard to the quality-price ratio, it is possible to have in your hands a simple case, which does not make the phone significantly more cumbersome and that protects the device. In addition to the color listed that you see in the picture are available other different colors

An absolute new must have which never have to miss is the LED Mirror Case which you only  can buy at! The LED Mirror Case allows you to take ultra-bright pictures in the dark and to improve your make-up every time. Because of the integrated mirror, you can check out your make-up in every situation and location.
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