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Agustina Franzini’s handmade creations
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Agustina Franzini’s handmade creations

Agustina Franzini presents its brand again with new ideas to be discovered!

It came when I was in college studying Fashion Design, that was the moment I fell in love with making accesories. As I told you once, it is an area in which you can develop your creativity a lot.

Agustina Franzini uses any material that may be appropriate for wearing jewelry. Try using original materials or titles. For example he made earrings with wood and leather. Bracelets made of fabric or synthetic fur, necklaces and earrings with finishes, leather or cords.

Last year I used many small pieces of wood to create earrings and necklaces.

Two years ago I started to recycle materials, I love this because you can find gorgeous objects. And when you mix things that are not more available in the market with modern ones the result is amazing !!!

Apart of that I utilize the common materials as chains, stones, metals, etc. But always trying to do my best to make innovative designs.

One of my biggest dreams is to export to different countries, cultures… But before that I must improve a lot of things, I have to develop new skills, new techniques in order to do the designs I have in mind and to offer better articles. I’m in this process of training my self.

Agustina Franzini has to deal with the competition by offering different products to them and selling my designs at affordable prices.

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At the moment she does not export because it is still a small brand and would like to improve some skills. To export it needs to be very competent. Not now because my production is very small and, as I said before, I want to improve some skills. A great skill is needed to export.

The price of inflation is very high. As a result, I have to deal with this because sales in any sector are very low; and the Jewish market is very punished due to the fact that it is not an essential benefit such as food, clothing, etc.

However, independently of this circumstance, I must consider the material cost, my workforce cost, taxes and the profit margin of course (which I had to reduce in order to sell and continuing designing and producing).

To follow the artist on Instagram, just click on the following link and take a look at all her creations:

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