Can a lipstick meet the needs of your soul and of your mood in the same time?

Collistar answers to this question launching a never seen before collection.

New Duo Extraordinary Lipsticks, available in 10 shades, reveal the soul of each of us and recreate a perfect rouge à lèvres effect.

The golden packaging has a squared shape stick, in order to combine two contrasting shades: the first is used to define the lips contour and the second to fill sensually the inner part of them with a striking effect, for volume and definition.

The 10 double colours main theme is the fullness of colour, vibrating and bright.

For more delicate looks:

  • Sensibile
  • Affascinante
  • Innocente
  • Ingenuo

That combine coral, red and brown tones with neutral shades.

For more provocative looks:

  • Malizioso
  • Dinamico
  • Eccentrico
  • Sofisticato
  • Impulsivo

where energetic shades like orange and red are combined with purple and fuchsia.

Finally Divino, the quintessence of sensuality: two reds, one carmine and a laquer, an embrace that represents ode to femininity.



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