SAM’S CHARMZ, unique products created by Samantha Caselli

My name is Samantha Caselli. I’m the creator of Sam’s Charmz. I started making jewelries as a young age and it’s at the end of 2016, that I have opened my little shop. On weekdays I am a full time Software Consultant and on weekends a full time jewelry maker. My store is based in Montreal and every item is unique and handmade.

Je parle aussi français!

I specialized in Miyuki beads weaving. They are high quality, brillance and uniform shape beads made of glass. I also make polymer clay jewelries.

  • Which kind of audience would you like to induce more to the purchase of your brand?

Kind of audience : all ages, women

  • Do you have a style of reference that you imitate or do you belong to 100%? Tell us about your ideas.

 I don’t imitate, i have my own style

  • How much time do you spend on making a product on average?

I spend around 2 hours for each items made

  • Who are the designers of your brand? You could leave a small bio for them too

The designer of the brand is : Samantha Caselli (see description above)


  • What should we expect in 2019, about your brand?

Expect for 2019 : more jewelries made with polymer clay, lots of earrings


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Website coming soon.

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