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Wimbledon Cufflink Company for shirts: precious and fashionable jewels
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Wimbledon Cufflink Company for shirts: precious and fashionable jewels

Cufflinks have been part of the male wardrobe for over two centuries, and like many accessories, they are born from a practical need rather than from some aesthetic will. Made to close rigid cuffs during the nineteenth century, they have followed an evolution that has transformed them, from simple reinforced buttons, into one of the finest menswear jewels. An evolution that still does not stop today and that experiments in form and material: the classic geometries give way to articulated and original designs, precious metals mix with enamels and more practical and accessible materials, and ample space is left for color, which manifests itself in all its shades. For spring summer 2021, the cufflinks are offered in low-profile and semi-sporty interpretations, to be exploited daily to give your look a touch of elegance and extra personality, but there is also the more traditional luxury version created by high jewelery. , to show off on the most important occasions. For the sportsman, for the dandy, for the lover of classic tailoring, here are the most beautiful Wimbledon Cufflink to buy for the season.

Wimbledon cufflink

In this model, the elegance of the geometric shape and the versatility of the materials and colors used are perfectly combined. In fact, as early as the nineteenth century, the cufflinks were conceived with a rounded shape that recalled in all respects that of the button, and to this simplicity is due to their timeless charm.

The Wimbledon cufflinks that we show you in the photo, contain the immediately recognizable symbol of the RAF, given an innovative touch to celebrate aeronautical innovation. The RAF represents a noble tradition, it also represents the power of progress. The design of this twin celebrates this aspect of the RAF and its legacy.

Parts that make up a men’s shirt cufflink and main features

Our investigation into the world of cufflinks for men’s shirts begins with a simple question: “which parts are made up of a cufflink for a men’s shirt”?

Men’s cufflinks consist of three parts:

  1. The front face: the design of this part of the cufflink makes it unique and recognizable. On the front face, for example, a precious stone can be set, or there can be engravings or inserts in precious materials for a men’s shirt cufflink that can turn into a real jewel.
  2. The pin: this part of the cufflink joins the front face with the clip and passes through the buttonhole of the shirt cuff. The pin acts as a bridge and connection.
  3. The clip: movable part that can be bent 90 degrees, the cufflink clip for shirts allows the cufflink to be kept in the correct position, preventing it from slipping out of the cuff slot. On the market, it is not uncommon to find cufflinks for shirts structured in a different way, for example, the cufflinks in fabric or those called “chain”, do not have standard clips or pins, but these can be curved or of other shape, in order to adapt better to the functional and design characteristics of the cufflink itself.
Wimbledon cufflink

These elegant accessories are synonymous with perfection, refinement and must be chosen with care, based on the outfit and the occasion in which to wear them.

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If you have a ceremony, you have to attend an event, an important work appointment, the shirt with the Wimbledon cufflinks will be the winning solution that will make you stand out with style.

Celebrate spring with Wimbledon Cufflink Company. We strongly recommend their cufflinks. Use the code justfasion25 for 25% off checkout.

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