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Ballardier: Luxury timepieces is a must.
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Ballardier: Luxury timepieces is a must.

Before arriving at aesthetics, it is a fundamental task which every watch must fulfil: keep time.  There are watches of both beauty and precision and Ballardier knows this well. The story of Ballardier got its inception back in 2016 when one of its founders Robin Westerling was attending a party during a visit to see a friend studying law in London. Walking back to his friend’s place after the party, he stumbled upon an expensive looking watch hanging off a railing and was immediately struck by the beauty of it.

 After returning home from his trip, Robin showed the watch to his friend and fellow watchlover; Mikko, who immediately fell in love with the design. Inspired by this amazing discovery, the two decided to create their own line of watches. Ballardier is for all men who love to stay at the center of the action. The numerous grooves on the whole watch face make the look of the timepiece a little bit like that of a rocky mountain and just like a mountain this watch is strong and durable.

Their watches are minimalistic, luxurious, all while being reasonably priced. They pair this with fully interchangeable straps as they knew that’s exactly what the founders themselves would look for in a watch today. Ballardier is the product of over a year of careful design and development to get the quality up to their high standards, which is important when you’re creating a masterpiece for men to wear and love all around the world. The strong point of the Ballardier brand is its extraordinary innovation and excellent value for money
It is also one of the youngest brands of watches that offers a wide range of products and allows you to stand within the industry.

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