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Frank Body: the original coffee scrub
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Frank Body: the original coffee scrub

Frank Body is an Australian brand, the grass is thanks to the ironic screeds that you find on the misei. Not only that, just dare an 8 a site to let go of a smile. They use natural or natural-derived products and it is Vegan Friendly. It’s also a Cruelty Free brand or come nuts Frank: “Only tested on babes”.

Summer is coming together with the costume test and the continuous search for perfect skin. The best ally for a hydrated and clean skin is the coffee scrub, that’s why we want to introduce you to Frank Body.

Today we are talking about a product that should be present in the bathroom of each of us: the exfoliator for the body. Periodically exfoliating the skin of the face and body is essential! This is because it helps to remove dead cells from the surface epidermal layer by promoting cellular renewal and the production of collagen and elastin.

Scrubs in general are very useful for treating skin spots, some ailments such as psoriasis, stretch marks, dry skin and so on. However, it is important to be consistent with the application without exaggerating; on average the skin should be exfoliated once a week, if you have excessively sensitive skin once every two.

One substance that can help us make cellulite less noticeable is caffeine: it, in fact, contributes to tissue drainage and circulation stimulation, we present the Frank Body scrub.

Original Coffee Scrub

The Original Coffee Scrub is the first to be created and the one that launched the brand. Unfortunately I can’t make you smell but it really tastes of coffee, with a background note to orange, oil that is actually present in the ingredients. It leaves the skin smooth free from the dead one and have a good moisturizing power. In the immediate, once out of the shower, I don’t feel the need to use body creams or butters thanks to the oils contained in the scrub. For this reason, rinse them without using any additional detergents. The envelope is convenient because it has a pressure lock.

Coffee is a concentration of benefits for our hair as well. Double use, both as a dandruff and to give our hair wonderful brown reflections. Let’s go with order: coffee helps to cleanse the scalp.

Do you want to liven up your color without having to resort to chemical and harmful colors? Try Frank Body products. That we now show you.

Caffeinated Scalp Scrub

For the babe who wants healthy hair but hasn’t considered the skin it grows from: start with my Scalp Scrub. Made with natural ingredients like coffee and rosemary, this exfoliating scalp scrub removes product build up & detoxifies your scalp. For healthier, shinier hair that stays cleaner for longer, too. I think of scalp exfoliation as skincare as hair care. So you can  think about dropping it, flipping it and working it all over the place once we’re done.

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Caffeinated Hair Mask

Mermaid hair is nice and all, but it won’t last if it’s weak: that’s where my natural Hair Mask comes in. Made with nourishing ingredients to help restore the hair shaft and hydrate the scalp, this two in one formula softens hair instantly and promotes healthier hair over time. It’s a deep conditioning hair mask that won’t leave you greasy or weigh you down. The perfect partner in (hair) crime.

You can find all the products online on their website and visit their Ig profile. Or you can water their products on Ulta Beauty, Mecca Maxima AUS and Sephora.



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