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Intervista a Syd Wilder – La crazy attrice svela i suoi segreti a JFM
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Intervista a Syd Wilder – La crazy attrice svela i suoi segreti a JFM

Syd Wilder rilascia un’intervista a Just Fashion Magazine

Syd Wilder è un’attrice, modella, scrittrice e influencer digitale. Ha scritto e prodotto oltre 40 sketch di commedie per il suo canale YouTube. Alcuni di questi compaiono su siti importanti come Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, College Humor e Sports Illustrated. Attualmente Syd conduce un Podcast settimanale chiamato Girl Insta-rupted. Lei ama molto la moda e ha appena partecipato alla New York fashion week 2019. Ecco l’intervista integrale nella sua lingua madre.

Hi Syd, thank you for being here with us today for this chat:

1.) How would you introduce yourself to those who do not know you?

I would introduce myself as a comedian, actress writer and content producer. I’d also tell them to subscribe to my podcast @girlinstarupted

2.) Can you describe to readers your work.

I have so many jobs it’s hard to keep up. I write sketches and I produce them for different media outlets. I act and when I get an audition it usually throws off my whole schedule. I produce my weekly podcast Girl Insta-rupted, I do voice overs, I work on my stand up material on a weekly basis, I write everyday whether it’s a stand up joke, character idea or sketch premise. I’m always thinking about creating content and making you laugh. I also model and dance.?

3.) As for fashion design, what is the relationship in the fashion world? Participate in fashion week? A practical advice for those who would always be trendy?

I love fashion because it’s so artistic and such a great way to express yourself. To be honest I only care about fashion when I’m working in front of the camera. If I could perform in one of Thierry Mugler pieces I would be in heaven! I have done fashion week in New York and it was so inspiring and energetic! I believe in going for the style that best fits your body and personality! Trends come and go but you are forever!

4.) Is there anyone you would like to thank for your career?

I’d like to thank my Mother for my career! I wouldn’t have one if she didn’t believe in me and support me!

How do you see yourself in 10 years? I hope to have created many different types of art (video, pictures, words, movements, stories) that inspire, entertain and bring joy to many people’s lives.

– Do you want to add more??

If I could have my own tv show like Seinfeld that would be a dream!! Thank you for your time!!

Ringraziamo Syd Wilder per l’intervista. Potete seguire Syd alla sua pagina ufficiale di instagram:

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