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Nephilim: the power of creativity.
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Nephilim: the power of creativity.

We all know how important it is to take care of ourselves, that is why we should choose Nephilim.
Dictating fashion is not just the Red Carpet, but the ideas, innovations and creativity of every single person, as in the case of the young Olja Luetić, founder of Nephilim. Olja Luetić was born in Makarska, Croatia. From her earliest age, she knew she wanted to design, so she chose Fine Arts High School in Split, studying industrial design. Olya graduated in product design from Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. Over the years she worked on different projects, ranging from industrial design to its total opposite; unique design. Many of her projects were successfully realised and exhibited. Her current work is mostly ceramics, and developing of her own fashion brand “Nephilim”, the value of which has already been recognised on her first fashion show at BAFE (Balkan Art Fashion Event) in Belgrade, December 2015 three months after graduation.

Folowing BAFE, she showcased her clothing line at the ReDesign Me show, hosted by Circular de la Mode in Zagreb. In september 2017 she had her second fashion show on Fall Fashion Festival in Zagreb.
”Nephilim” started as her graduation project, small conceputal fashion line consisting of four models.

A brand that emphasizes a dynamic and everyday style that is trendy with a taste for every boss, thanks in particular to the creative and quality of the outside, which make Nephilim unique and unapproved. Continuous production of new models that meet the demands of the market, focusing on a variety of styles developed, manufactured and hand-finished. A fashion for an alternative group that does not propagate the standard ideals. Inspiration for the work is Burning Man festival and Cyberpunk as a genre.

Designer’s love for dance and mysticism has inspired her to create a conceptual fashion collection for an alternative group of people with extreme self-expression. All the dresses are custom made and all the products are handmade. Nephilim has contributed to aesthetic significance of the collection itself. Although Nephilim has more meanings, designer has chosen it due to its representation of Gods offspring, half angels and half warriors. Goal is to provide women with power of creativity that pushes them beyond standard frameworks, leading them into fantasy world.

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Photographer: Alexandra Khlön

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