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PLATAICA: beautiful hand-made jewels ⭐
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PLATAICA: beautiful hand-made jewels ⭐

Plataica is a Spanish craft jewelry brand founded by designer Iván Rodríguez. Illustrator, graphic designer and DIY lover, Iván decides to blend his passions, creating a line of accessories entirely handmade.
The delicacy of nature is thus combined with the feminine and masculine universe through a collection of 100% handcrafted, light and natural jewels, to be worn every day with carefreeness.

Thank you Iván for giving us one of your beautiful creations, the earrings! They are very light and the processing is very precise, we greatly appreciate the care and passion that is behind your work. We got to talk to the founder of Plataica, Iván and he revealed some information and curiosities!

I am Iván Rodríguez, better known in Social Networks as @Twittboy, I studied Fine Arts and I am a specialist in Artistic Foundry of Small Format. For the turns that life gives, during the last 15 years I dedicated myself to the monitoring and analysis of social networks in a company of which I was co-founder (Pirendo) and that we closed successfully after 10 years of activity.

After the closure of my previous company I decided to turn my life around. So Plataica was born about a year and a half ago and does so after a period of personal reflection in which I decided to start dedicating myself to what I enjoyed the most and most makes me happy, to return to work with my hands, use the materials, let my imagination fly

Sterling silver (925 silver) is the material with which I compose 99% of my jewelry, being the common thread among all my creations. Even so, I also like to experiment with other materials that are less noble in principle, but with incredible plastic qualities, such as wood, copper or brass. Soon I will prepare a new collection using river stones and silver.

The earrings and silver pendants are the products most appreciated by my clients, especially those themed or with geeks representations.

About my style, I usually make the jewelry that I would like to wear. Obviously I am always with an eye on fashion trends and catwalks (we are addicted to fashion, right?), but I don’t usually get carried away by global trends.
I suppose that I am also very conditioned by my previous work and my environment, so I focus a lot on my creations towards geek culture issues.

I try to create jewels that are mostly fun and can say “something else” about the people who wear them. Superheroes, video games, stories … are elements that are very present in my life and I also turn them into my works.
Of course that is not contrary to the fact that I also maintain collections of jewels with a purely aesthetic, formal and almost abstract motivation, which are also a very important part of my training as an artist.

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I could not choose only one of all the jewels that I have made, since in part “I fall in love” with each and every one of them, but it sure would be one of the rings, because many years ago I started working jewelry pieces To make my own rings. Although the rings are also very special for me.

The future of Plataica is promising in terms of new collections. Currently I have changed location and I have just set up the new workshop, so I burn in desires and desire to start creating new jewelry. As I said before, I want to start introducing natural stones into the designs, but that will take a while to see the light.
As for the immediate future, I am already preparing a new collection for Halloween, with jewels inspired by mythical horror movie figures and some other surprise.


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