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Recovery 27 by Cosmetics 27 is a rejuvenating facial
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Recovery 27 by Cosmetics 27 is a rejuvenating facial

Healthy and well-groomed skin is the mirror of good health, but it is a goal that requires a minimum of daily attention and care. Stress, environmental conditions and bad habits can put skin health at risk, so it is necessary to intervene with moisturizers and nutrients, to maintain the quality and beauty of the epidermis. For a complete skincare, Cosmetics 27 offers you several natural products to enhance your beauty to the maximum.

Did you know that night is the best time to take care of your skin? Science also says so: the organism works according to an internal clock linked to the sleep/wake rhythm, called the circadian rhythm. If by day the skin is busy defending itself from pollution, tiredness and the blue light of the screens, at night it recovers just as the rest of the body does, regenerating itself thoroughly. What? In practice, during the night hours the epidermis on the one hand speeds up cellular turnover, on the other it slows down its barrier function, becoming more receptive to the active ingredients present in treatments, creams and serums. It’s the right time to put in place a targeted beauty routine and choose the Cosmetics 27 creams right for you.

The regeneration and longevity of the skin are at the heart of my project. And of course I wanted to be involved with the association “Breast Cancer, Let’s Talk About It! ” that fights breast cancer, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Baume 27.

Michèle Evrard, founder of Cosmetics 27

Among the latest trends for facial beauty care, there is definitely the aim to renew cells and all those products that stimulate cellular turnover.

Regenerating facials contain a complex of active ingredients (from hyaluronic acid to peptides, vitamins and alphaidrossiacides) that, in synergy, are able to promote natural cell regeneration, collagen production and protein synthesis.

A “regenerated” skin will be visibly smoother, compact, plumped, bright and with wrinkles less visible, these are features and results that can be obtained with the help of Cosmetics 27 products and we at JFM have tested Recovery 27, a real skin restorer, which concentrates the exceptional properties of hemp and Asian Centella extracts.

This highly soothing formula helps in the recovery of overworked, irritated, overstressed and often overtreated skin. A biomimetic formula, restores skin regeneration capabilities, prevents the effects of skin stress and strengthens the balance and diversity of the skin microbiota, a defense barrier that ensures the vital balance of the skin. The alchemy of soothing and reconditioning ingredients provides hydration, comfort and strengthens resistance to stress.

The ultra-fluid high penetration texture is full of water, providing an immediate sense of calm and comfort. The shooting-of-arms sensations disappear, the little redness fades, the features appear relaxed, smoothed. Signs of fatigue and stress are decreasing. The skin is like “rebooted“, it regains its balance and a natural brightness.

Despite a growing trend towards slow living and self care, our daily lives, environments and our many daily pressures have significant impact on our skin. The skin is our protective barrier against all agressions. It is the primary line of defense. All kinds of external and internal factors create repeated «shocks» on our organism and skin. This produces inflammation, oxydation and ultimately leads to cellular degenerescence and ageing. The need to protect ourselves from stress, to help our organism cope and recuperate has become universal. Our skin has the exact same needs, skin recovery is a physiological reality. Recovery 27, the new serum, treats the daily need of skin stress prevention and reparation. The natural tech formula takes its calming and restoring properties from two «star» power ingredients: Hemp seed extract and Centella Asiatica. These reknowned therapeutic ingredients help the skin regain its natural resistance and lower the effects of daily agressions and stresses. A skin which can recuperate will better fend off and prevent inflammation damages over time.

The Recovery 27 formula concentrates the exceptional proper ties of Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa L.) and Centella Asiatica extracts. This highly calming formula works to soothe and restore tired, irritated, over-stressed and often over-treated skin. As a biomimetic formula, this serum restores the skin’s regeneration capacities, prevents the effects of skin stress and strengthens the balance and diversity of the skin microbiota, the skin fending barrier that ensures its vital equilibrium. The alchemy of the reconstituting ingredients provides hydration, comfort and improves the resistance to stress, while stimulating the skin capacities to recuperate and regenerate.

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The ultra-fluid high penetration texture replenishes the skin with water, providing an immediate soothing sensation and comfort. The sensations of tightness disappear, the small redness fade, the features appear relaxed, smoothed, as if lifted. The signs of fatigue, stress are diminished. The skin is like «rebooted», it regains balance and a healthy visible look.

Cannabis Sativa and Hemp are actually one and the same plant. Cannabis Sativa L. is considered as the sole and unique specie of Cannabis, the «mother» of two very distinct plants: Hemp and Cannabis. The difference between the two has developed over centuries plant breeding and adaptation to environmental changes. Wha makes the two different is their concentration in active molecules of which the cannabinoïds. The ones that are most sought after THC and CBD. THC is a forbidden ingredient in cosmetics while CBD is authorized with restrictions. The extracts that are used come from seeds and oil and they have virtues on the skin. Today, CBD has become the new «it» ingredient essentially for its soothing, calming, hydrating properties.

The Hemp seed extract we use in the new serum Recovery 27 is obtained through a very novel natural and clean technology. The seeds are treated with an exclusive bioloquefaction technology in order to release the complete phytocomplex of the plant. This natural complex contains CBD antioxidants, proteins, polysaccharides and of course the oil. This rich and interesting phytocomplex which has been tested and proven to be significantly efficient on reducing skin irritation and scaliness, promotes hydration and positively modulates the microbiota. The Recovery 27 uniqueness and its restoring properties rely on the alchemy of natural ingredients and their synergy to deliver visible results in a green and clean formula.



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