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How to make a nude makeup using Kylie’s Professional makeup
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How to make a nude makeup using Kylie’s Professional makeup

Nude makeup is a timeless trend: a natural and bright makeup suitable for any occasion and really simple to make because it uses very few products. We have selected some products of the Australian brand, Kylie’s Professional.

We previously tested the quality of the brand and immediately fell in love with it. Precisely for this reason, we have decided to group together some of the best products for the evergreen trend.

Makeup-no-makeup focuses on light: it is the complexion that becomes the real protagonist accompanied by blushes with a bonne mine effect and matte and silky eyeshadows. The only exception to an absolutely nude and simple make-up are lips, which are allowed slightly more courageous shades.

Let’s forget earth, covering foundation and contouring at least for a while: the season of naturalness, radiant skin and healthy complexion is coming to create a better version of natural beauty with an “Instagram filter” effect.

But how to make a nude makeup with Kylie’s Professional products? Simple, we at JFM have selected some of the best products of the brand and we are ready to show them to you!

Kylie's Professional nude makeup


To get a luminous and natural base you need to know how to select the right products. The formula prolongs the hold of the foundation for a full day, while keeping it luminous. It is a primer able to give a glow finish and a healthy skin effect to all skin types, without making the base become excessively oily.


Combine a natural result with an unprecedented duration. The matte formula blends instantly with the skin revealing a natural, perfected and smoothed complexion. It is a foundation characterized by a comfortable texture and a very long hold. It blends easily without leaving stains. It is not too heavy.


Brightness is the real trend of nude makeup that will make your complexion fresh and clean. A real illuminating cream is ready to give a new light to the complexion! The soft texture blends with the skin without texturing it. The finish is really bright.


The powder blush lights up the cheeks with a strong and super glam mauve shade, to be modulated according to your tastes and style needs, which will allow you to naturally blush without fear of revealing your emotions. It blends perfectly with any type of complexion, enhancing its qualities.


A primer with a soft texture and a luminous finish, to adapt to every complexion. It helps to intensify the colors and even the eyelid making the eye and lip look last all day and without letting the eyeshadows get into the creases. The eyelid is homogeneous and slightly illuminated, it also spreads out and fades very easily with the fingers.


The perfect tones for this season are dusty and pink, champagne, beige and all the colors of the earth, without ever being the protagonists of the look. And this palette is what we need. The palette is available in several striking variations. A little trick to highlight your eyes is to choose the right eye shadow color based on the iris: for brown eyes you need bronze, gold and copper eyeshadows, for blue eyes you need warm and pink colors, while greens stand out best with a warm brown.

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The real stars of your look for an invisible make-up must be the lashes, obviously in the XXL version! The key here is to get intensity without looking too made up. The mascara glides on the lashes without dirtying and leaving lumps. A great mascara to definitely add to your cart.


The nude makeup gives a touch of color only on the lips, which are dressed in bright and greedy reflections! The goal is to create a fake natural effect, which brings out the color of the lips with a matte and velvety finish. Make way, therefore, to red or pink transparent lipsticks and especially to coral color, which makes the tan stand out! Nude lipsticks are also perfect, which blend with the complexion to create a truly soap and water look. We recommend the Natural, Tangerine and Malt colors, but depending on your needs you can choose from the 28 shades that the brand offers. All glamorous and super pigmented, they guarantee hydration and a professional look suitable for any occasion.

These are just some examples of Kylie’s Professional products to create a nude makeup, you can also replace the lipsticks with a gloss for a sparkling and flawless nude effect!

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