Un Even


UnEven was born by Alice Dalmasso’s idea to use face as an ideal canvas for two-dimensional geometric shapes, shapes in an asymmetrical space, imperfect and subject to movement and mutation.

For this reason she chooses together with his collaborators, the photographer Davide Melfi and the makeup artist Giorgia Melillo, an image which shows the face in all its truth, without alteration, so it can be as a white paper, where pop colors, sharped lines, fit together to impose new boundaries, other geometries.


Giorgia 1
Olesya 3
Giorgia 2
Prodotti utilizzati:
Acquacolor: Diamond Fx
Fondotinta: Naked Skin by Urban Decay
Strobing: Naked Illuminated
Eyeliner: The Curve by NYX
Mascara: Upward Lash by MAC
Fix plus by MAC

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