A Modern Frida

We live in a social era where showing is better than being. For this shooting the young photographer Francesca Pedrini chooses to be countercurrent, portraying a beautiful model as a modern Frida Kahlo, the famous Mexican artist. All peculiar elements of Frida’s iconography seen in her well known self-portraits are present: red and black colours as symbols of passion against troubles, the printed stole which evokes traditional Mexican garments, flowers among the hair that Frida used to declare her attachment to nature. The model has bolded eyebrows in the same way as in Frida’s paintings, because a strong somatic feature is sometimes more expressive than the ostentation of naked skin. Frida’s life is the demonstration that the talent, the intellectual profoundness can be more charming than physical perfection. Photographer | Retouch: Francesca Pedrini Stylist: Valeria Romano Mua | Hairstylist: Simona Giacomazzo Model: Anna S. from Beyond…

What it’s like being a ballerina

When you watch a ballerina dancing it’s like you’re watching a bird flying! Ballet is all about flying; actually it’s all about the art of flying. A ballerina always about wearing magical customs fit for royalty, ballerinas strive for perfection always. Ewlises Gonzalez is a professional photographer has the vision and creativity to produce high quality Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Images. Experienced with aspiring and professional models, Musicians and Artist With the collaboration between the stylist Jenna Portrais, Model Valbona Ramadani, Hair stylist Chanté Brunet and makeup artist Sarah Victor, Gonzalez formed a creative idea to show what it’s like being a ballerina. In this photo shoot, photographer Ewlises Gonzalez showed the true meaning of ballet, from mixing between art, through the makeup which is done by Sarah Victor and hair which is done by Chanté Brunet in an artistry way, also the birds which was in front of…

Out of Touch

Today we want to introduce a new editorial of the extraordinary photographer Christina Hasenauer, “Out of touch”. An editorial that comes out from a refused sense of belonging to the world, from an introversion illustrated through six amazing shoots that have origin from the not common perspective of our photographer. An elegant editorial, romantic, able to make us dreaming and reflecting on a world often different from what we imagine, that turns us in ourselves and chains up us to loneliness. Photography: Christina Hasenauer Model: Mirjam Stadter   Jewellery: Mo Jewellery Stylist: Karin Brettmeister Location: Linnen Berlin

The Dancer

The Photographer Lina Shark is trying to tell us a story through her shoots. The main character is a classical dancer. The pictures give voice to the eternal conflit between lights and shadows of this career. The dancer has to practise and practise, again and again, her body shows the lines of sacrifices. Sometimes she stops and wonders if all her efforts are vain. Even if she feels tired, destroyed by the trials, she saves the ability to dream high and by dancing (that is her passion) every bad thoughs disappear in the same way as her sweat is absorbed by a sponge and the fatigue erased by a restorative rest. It is very easy to lose the trust in herself and giving up; at the same time it is very easy to lose her own bearings for a minute of glory. It will come the day in which all her sacrificies will be repayed by her…

The Golden Queen

This image was taken while attending a photography workshop at Chateau Challain, an incredibly beautiful estate located in France’s Loire Valley. The workshop, titled: “French Fairytale” – A Fashion Shoot Experience, was produced by photographer Miss Aniela, and gave six photographers the chance of a lifetime. During this event we spent five days, photographing four, fully styled, agency-represented models. All together, we were able to shoot ten unique looks and ultimately walk away with a fantastic portfolio of high fashion photographs. Surrounded by new friends and tons of creativity, were pampered with gourmet French meals, and spent our nights tucked into magical rooms with canopy beds. Minna Attala, masterfully handled all the styling, while the stunning hair and makeup looks were created by Grace Gray and Rachel Sigmon. As well as being a master cosmetologist, Rachel Sigmon, is the owner and designer of Posh Fairytale Couture, and was responsible for fashioning the gorgeous golden headdress and sparkling outfit shown in this…

Russian in London by Bartosz Branka

When the Russian beautiful face in front of London nature, then the pictures created are for sure magnificent! This photo shoot “Russian in London” brought to you by Bartosz Branka, photographer based in London UK. He defines himself as the “writer with the light” which defines what photography means to him; as he says that photography is his greatest passion, it fulfills his life and brings out the best of him. In this photo shoot, Russian Model Maria Sergejeva poses in front of London nature and buildings, wearing winter colors and light makeup which made her look beautiful. Branka mixed between the beauty of the Russian model and the beautiful nature in London to come out with breathtaking pictures in the end. Model: Maria Sergejeva Agency: www.bmamodels.com Photography/Retouch: www.bartoszbranka.com

Un Even

UnEven was born by Alice Dalmasso’s idea to use face as an ideal canvas for two-dimensional geometric shapes, shapes in an asymmetrical space, imperfect and subject to movement and mutation. For this reason she chooses together with his collaborators, the photographer Davide Melfi and the makeup artist Giorgia Melillo, an image which shows the face in all its truth, without alteration, so it can be as a white paper, where pop colors, sharped lines, fit together to impose new boundaries, other geometries. Prodotti utilizzati: Acquacolor: Diamond Fx Fondotinta: Naked Skin by Urban Decay Strobing: Naked Illuminated Eyeliner: The Curve by NYX Mascara: Upward Lash by MAC Fix plus by MAC

April Star for JFM

To wish you a happy women’s day today we give you an interview of a child who already seems a woman, the beautiful April Star. Because the difference is beautiful, and because diversity sometimes makes us equal. Hi, thank you to have accept the interview. April is very young, is she still going to school? Yes, she does attend school. How was she been discovered? She loved taking pictures of her older sister for her Instagram and fans starting asking her who took her pictures, when her sister showed her fans a picture of April Star behind the camera they went crazy and, literally begged her to ask me if April can have her own Instagram they wanted to see more of her. How was her first photo shoot? Her first photo shoot was fantastic she said she was born to do this, it was like having fun…


Stefania Danese is a young Italian photographer who wants to get away from the gray of the world, bringing magic and color through her photos. The unicorn is a pure and extraordinary creatur…”Unique”, only through its beauty is able to bring joy to the hearts of those who still want to live in a fairy tale. Photographer: Stefania Danese Model: Martina De Pretto Make up: Veronica Lisi

Fall of angels by Jean-Baptiste Fort

Does an angelic look only depend on white outfit and white décor? Is it just the way the models pose to act angelic? A goldmine of style, inspiration and beauty imaginary is created in Jean Baptiste’s photo shoot. The French fashion photographer Jean-Baptiste Fort is an establish name within the fashion industry with an impressive clients list from all over the world. Fort takes us through some of the strongest images with a theme of fallen angels. The three beautiful girls are dressed in Kuraje couture with white pearl, they choose to lose their wings and fall in lust in their Jewelry which made them look “heavenly” without looking overdone, with an with an innocent look on their face, they dazzle with confidence and they have extraordinary beauty. Also their hair is tied up, to focus more on the makeup which focused on using dark lipstick. Those seemingly ordinary moments was turned…