It is important to pay attention to the labels not only when going to the supermarket, but also when you go to buy a jacket, a sweater or a pair of boots: in the clothing sector, the killing of animals is unfortunately widespread. Vegan fabrics can be divided into natural, synthetic and artificial fibers. If we want to be 100% vegan, we absolutely need to make use of synthetic fibers available from naturally occurring materials, such as cellulose and Nae is what it does for us. Nae (No Animal Exploitation) is a Portuguese 100% vegan footwear brand that proposes a fair and animal-friendly alternative against human exploitation and respect to the environment. Nae vegan shoes are winning for their quality, design and sustainability. They represent a responsible lifestyle that combines the elegance of the excellent Portuguese footwear design and the ecological conscience at all…

This image was taken while attending a photography workshop at Chateau Challain, an incredibly beautiful estate located in France’s Loire Valley. The workshop, titled: “French Fairytale” – A Fashion Shoot Experience, was produced by photographer Miss Aniela, and gave six photographers the chance of a lifetime. During this event we spent five days, photographing four, fully styled, agency-represented models. All together, we were able to shoot ten unique looks and ultimately walk away with a fantastic portfolio of high fashion photographs. Surrounded by new friends and tons of creativity, were pampered with gourmet French meals, and spent our nights tucked into magical rooms with canopy beds. Minna Attala, masterfully handled all the styling, while the stunning hair and makeup looks were created by Grace Gray and Rachel Sigmon. As well as being a master cosmetologist, Rachel Sigmon, is the owner and designer of Posh Fairytale Couture, and was responsible for fashioning the gorgeous golden headdress and sparkling outfit shown in this…

Can a room decorated with classical forniture be the perfect landscape of a modern romance? Yes, if our nowadays Juliet has the right dresses. Black vs white express the dichotomy between romantic and passioned love. These dresses are made up of clean lines that remind to undervest shapes, so they are the perfect outfit to wait for a romantic date sitting on a table, wondering what we could practice soon after. Wearing the black dress Juliet has the right “costume” to satisfy her desire of carnal, physical love while wearing the white dress she becomes a sweet and devoted vestal for her sweetheart. But Juliet doesn’t forget she is a strong and contemporary woman and shows her strenght through her skin language by inkgirl. Because there is no woman that can definitely erase her romantic essence. Editorial JFM Photographer: Simone Panetta Model : Irene Forti

Gustavo Osorno C. Mexican photographer made Barbie dolls in a unique way in his new photo shoot “Life in plastic it’s fantastic”. The word “Barbie” reminds us of the innocent dolls we used to play with when we were young, but Osorno wanted to show Barbie dolls in a different way this time, that they can smoke cigarettes, sleepover talking about guys and reading magazines. Check Osorno’s new project “life in plastic it’s fantastic” and know more about the new vision of Barbie dolls.   Photographer: Gustavo Osorno C. Stylist: Iliana Islas Mua: Andrea Strada Hairstyle: Brenda Rojas Models: Itzel Ortega, Lisette Guzman, Majo Lopez